Weekly Services

Worship is the heartbeat in the life of our church family. At ECUMC, we gather weekly to read the Word, pray, sing and praise the God who gave us life. We offer different opportunities for worship, each with their own unique personality and style.

Sunday Worship at 10.00 am

Fellowship Sunday / New Members Lunch (1st Sunday of each Month)

Worship Services with Communion (Last Sunday of each Month)

Choir Rehearsal: Saturdays 2.00pm

Children’s Ministry: Saturdays 3.00pm - 4.15pm

Intercession Prayers: Tuesdays 5.00pm - 7.00pm

Evangelism Outreach: Wednesdays 2.00 pm

Bible Studies: Thursdays 5:30 pm

Church Council Meeting (Last Friday of each month at 4.00 pm)

Counseling and a one-on-one meeting with our Pastor (Every Friday 10.00 to 12.00 noon)

Bible a month

We believe in the power of the Word of God, and we want to do whatever we can to help get Bibles in the hands of as many people, and do our part in building God’s great nation, Cameroon. This is our strategy to reach out to those in need. Almost 90% of the people we have evangelized don’t have a Bible. These new believers long for a Bible of their own but, for many, they have limited means. We donate bibles to those who don’t have.

Back to School Donations to School Children


Back-to-school can be scary for parents, but an exciting time for kids of all ages.
 Ebenezer Community United Methodist Church, located at Eleveur organized a 'Back-to-School Party' at the end of this summer holidays and donated free school supplies to more than 60 children. This program is done every August before schools re-open.

Outreach Evangelism Program

Evangelism opens the door for healing to take place (Luke 10:9) It is the gateway for repentance and remission of sins (Lk. 24:47); it also brings an understanding of Scriptures unto humanity (Acts 8:30). True Evangelism causes the manifestation of the Holy Ghost (Acts 10:44)

We make disciples as we proclaim the gospel, seek, welcome and gather persons into the body of Christ. Every Wednesday as from 2.00 pm, we begin with prayers, then follows a door to door evangelism. The prayers get the team ready for the task ahead, as we invite the Holy Spirit to lead the way for soul-winning around the Mballa neighborhood and beyond. It is always a wonderful feeling and pleasure for our “Evangelism Team” to go out and win souls.


Ebenezer Community United Methodist Church (ECUMC)

Church Location: Chateau Mballa, Eleveur

B.P. 20646 Yaoundé, Cameroon

Tel: (237) 672605467 / 693851752 / 677751606

 Whatsapp: +237 672605467


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