Our goals and strategic plan for next X years are:

Revitalizing our evangelism and discipleship programme. This plan involves:

  • Strengthening our Bible study and fervent prayer meetings.

  • Increasing our worship attendance

  • Launching a lay speaking ministry to support evangelism and discipleship.

  • Working with our fellowship group in the Church to help them know better our Church, its mission and vision.

Strengthening the Empower Her project: This plan involves:

  • Distribution of micro soft loans to women.

  • Training women in various skill acquisition and entrepreneurship.

  • Making consultation on the possibility of starting an Empower Him project.

Promoting Education and Educational Institutions. This plan involves:

  • Starting a United Methodist Primary and Secondary School in Cameroon

  • Sending our members for laity trainings in different disciplines.

  • Look for scholarship opportunities for our university students/graduates

Promoting qualitative, accessible and affordable medical care. This plan involves:

  • Combating HIV/AIDS  and Malaria in various communities 

  • Constructing UMC Hospital in Cameroon

  • Training of 100 youths on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

  • Basic Hygiene and Sanitation programs in various communities suffering from cholera

Promoting Agricultural Activities. This plan involves:

  • Convening workshops and seminars for farmers on best agricultural practices to enhance food production.

  • Acquiring 10 plots of land for agricultural activities.

  • Planting of cash crops, raising of chicken and fish farming.


Ebenezer Community United Methodist Church (ECUMC)

Church Location: Chateau Mballa, Eleveur

B.P. 20646 Yaoundé, Cameroon

Tel: (237) 672605467 / 693851752 / 677751606

 Whatsapp: +237 672605467


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